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Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River

Are you looking to install a water tank? Do you want the highest quality product that is built to last. If you answered yes, then Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River is the right place for you. We are located in Metricup WA and serve WA's South West region. Owners and operators Luke and Kristina McCallum have over sixteen years of experience building the finest quality water storage tanks. At our business we not only supply and install Pioneer Water Tanks, but we also retro fit world class food grade approved Aqualiners® inside existing tanks, supply and fit level indicators, filter baskets, tank roof access hatches and rain savers to all types of tanks, supply and fit dome type tank roofs and trusses for all tank types and provide repairs to all types of tanks including some storm water pipe work, tank outlets and fitting tank equaliser pipes from tank to tank. In addition to this all of our tanks have a 20-year conditional warranty for added peace of mind. So go ahead and give us a call at (08) 9757 9068, or visit our website at for more information.

Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River

123 Silverwood Rd, Metricup WA 6280

(08) 9757 9068


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